Airport simulations, planning and procurement support

Our airport specialists have many years of experience of airport technology, operations, maintenance and management – both at systems and detail levels.

A partner who understands the day-to-day life of an airport

Airports have gone from being a take-off and landing runway with an adjacent waiting room, to being futuristic, multi-modal meeting places for people, commerce, service and communication. Our work covers everything from airport simulations to planning and procurement support.

We would like to think that no detail is too small or project too big for the Pontarius airport team. Our keywords are sustainability and collaboration, with airport planning in the form of traffic prognoses, master planning and financing models being the crucial element. We 3D design and model everything from baggage facilities and moving walkways to shopping areas and smart traffic solutions; we certify safety & security, plan maintenance and carry out environmental impact assessments; we develop complete specifications and provide support throughout the procurement process; we innovate and develop in areas such as automated terminal flows and optimise and simulate traffic flow, both land- and airside. In short: We are passionate about airports!