Aviation and airports

Aviation systems are complex, expensive and conservative by nature, yet at the same time robust, valuable and innovative. Contradictory? But of course!

Long experience and commitment

However, the truth remains that few industries have been such a driving force behind the development of hi-tech systems, interfaces between man and technology, standardisation, safety analysis, commercialisation, management systems, etc. – while at the same time playing a central role in the evolution of modern society. 

Not so strange then that our aviation and airport consultants are so passionate about working on the challenges and opportunities provided by the industry in areas such as airport inquiries and developments.

At Pontarius we employ not only engineers, economists, lawyers and architects but also airline pilots, air traffic controllers and airport operations specialists. This ensures that we are able to examine every aspect of the planning and development phase; not least the unique challenges that face each and every airport. We are your experienced and flexible partner.