MicroPAVER™ – a useful tool for gaining control over your airport’s paved surfaces

Gain control over your airport’s paved surfaces and reduce maintenance and repair costs using systematised maintenance planning aided by MicroPAVER™.

What is MicroPAVER™?

MicroPAVER™ is a decision-making computer tool, developed by the US military during the 1970s for the planning of cost-effective maintenance and repair of asphalt and concrete surfaces. Today the program is used worldwide, primarily for airports, ports, roads and industrial surfaces.
With the help of MicroPAVER™ you can gain control of your paved surfaces by storing and analysing inspection data. In this way, maintenance can be planned in good time – giving cost-effective maintenance planning instead of ad hoc solutions.

What can we help you with?

Pontarius has over 15 years of experience in maintenance planning using MicroPAVER™, on airports, ports, roads and industrial surfaces. Among other things, we can offer:

  • Ocular inspection of the surface coating.
  • Determination of the condition and grading of the surface in accordance with PCI (Pavement Condition Index).
  • Production of surface degradation curves for different areas, taking into account the environment,
       loads and other factors.
  • Customised reports containing plans for which maintenance and repair measures should be
       carried out and when, in order to optimise the maintenance budget and control costs.
    Together with you we will tailor an approach to best suit your business and provide the best possible value and cost effectiveness.