MicroPAVER™ for gaining control over maintenance costs for asphalt, concrete and other street and road surfaces

Minimise maintenance costs for asphalt, concrete and other street and road surfaces by using MicroPAVER™.

MicroPAVER™ is a powerful decision-making tool

Developed by the US military in the 1970s, MicroPAVER™ was designed to support the planning of maintenance and repair work on streets and roads. The program has since evolved into a widely-used tool for roads, industrial surfaces, ports and airports worldwide.

The system is based on the analysis of data from the inspection of asphalt, concrete and other surfaces. This data is stored to create a decision-supporting database that gives the decision maker complete control to take the optimal action at the right time, both from a cost and efficiency perspective.

Pontarius has many years of experience

We have helped organisations to plan their maintenance using MicroPAVER™ for 15 years. This has primarily involved asphalt and concrete surfaces on roads, airports, ports and industrial environments. The following phases are often included in maintenance planning:

  • Ocular inspection of the surface coating.
  • The condition of the surface is determined and graded using PCI (Pavement Condition Index).
  • By taking into account the environment, loads and other factors a surface degradation curve
       can be calculated. This applies to all types of surface, such as asphalt and concrete.
  • Choosing the optimal time and course of action is vital in minimising the cost of maintenance and
       repair. Recommendations for these are presented together with a budget in reports generated to suit the
       client’s requirements.
    In consultation with you we will develop an approach specifically designed for your organisation and business. The aim is always to minimise costs for the maintenance of your streets and roads.