MicroPAVER™ makes maintenance scheduling of surfaces laid with concrete and other materials in seaport environments easier

Maintenance scheduling of surfaces laid with concrete and other materials in port environments is made much easier by using MicroPAVER™..

A decision making tool from the 1970s

MicroPAVER™ has a proven history since its development by the US military during the 1970s. Its purpose then, as now, was to streamline the repair and maintenance of paved surfaces. In particular, surfaces of asphalt and concrete. Today, MicroPAVER™ is a widely used program in a variety of industries. For example, ports, airports, roads and industrial environments.

MicroPAVER™ stores and analyses data on the condition of the port’s paved surfaces. By analysing this data, the program is able to calculate when a given paved surface should be maintained to minimise unforeseen and unnecessary costs and unplanned disruption to operations.

What we have to offer

Pontarius has over 15 years of experience of working with MicroPAVER™. Since its inception the programme has been used worldwide, primarily for ports, roads, industrial environments and airports and is implemented in one or more of the following stages.

  • Ocular inspection of the surface.
  • A PCI (Pavement Condition Index) provides the client with a survey of the paved
       surface’s condition according to a standardised scale.
  • A concrete surface has a different surface degradation curve to an asphalt surface.
       This curve is determined taking into consideration a number of factors, such as loads,
       usage and the environment in which the surface is located.
  • Finally, a report is prepared recommending action required for maintenance and repair.
       A budget for optimised maintenance costs can also be presented.
    Ports, together with maintenance planning of paved surfaces, are one of our areas of expertise. With the aid of MicroPAVER™, we can help you to minimise operational costs. Please get in touch for further information.