Pontarius has the great pleasure to warmly welcome P-G (Per-George) Uddgård as Regional Manager for Stockholm offices. P-G Uddgård has solid experience from the construction and contracting industry as a whole and has previously been CEO of JE Mark och Anläggningsteknik AB. P-G has robust experience of complex contracts and has over 10 years of experience from assignments in a responsibility-oriented position regarding land, foundations, concrete, construction and paving, including as Project Manager in the Skanska sphere.

As the Pontarius Stockholm office grows, the need for another person responsible for the region has increased, and then as an addition to the current Regional Manager Marcus Örtenholm, who will also continue in the Regional Manager role alongside P-G. P-G’s industry expertise, business acumen, entrepreneurship and network will be an excellent addition to the strong and competent Team in place in Stockholm and to Pontarius’ continued expansion in the region.

P-G Uddgård will take up the position on 17th of January. (Contact information pg.uddgard@pontarius.com, 0701-46 64 87)